2 thoughts on “What do they do all day?

  1. Hello Grade One friends! I am the Vice Principal at Hazel McCallion Senior Public School. I just LOVED your books about roles. Yes, even at Hazel McCallion I do a lot of getting ice, going outside for lunch recess, and helping the Principal. Some of the other things I do include helping answer parents questions, solving problems with the bus, organizing learning for teachers to help them become better teachers, and working with others to help make the building safe for everyone. Oh, and I talk to lots of students every day! I loved the other books too, especially all the amazing pictures of Mrs. Grant! I look forward to seeing more of your work! Mrs. Letourneau

  2. Thank you for your comment; we really like your reply. We’re glad that you take such good care of your school, and solve the problems on the buses.
    Grade 1 students (now in grade 2)

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